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Code of Conduct for Teachers & Dancers


RTWDF is a charity run by volunteers who give their time free of charge to enable the annual competition to take place. RTWDF endeavours to deliver a high-quality event, which will be both enjoyable and a positive experience for everyone involved. We wish to promote the art of healthy competition and as such we expect all performers, teachers, parents and members of the public to show a high level of mindfulness, good manners, consideration and respect to everyone. We expect our competitors to be allowed to compete in a safe environment, free from unsolicited approaches from others, where they can relax and enjoy the festival in all its aspects.  We kindly request that your school upholds our ethos and takes every measure to ensure everyone involved with your school is aware of this Code of Conduct.

RTWDF operates a 'zero tolerance' attitude to all forms of abuse therefore such behaviour or the use of inappropriate words causing distress and/or constituting harassment will not be tolerated. RTWDF reserves the right to exclude a school with immediate effect if they do not comply with this policy.



Approved by RTWDF Committee: October 2022

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