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Welcome to

The Royal Tunbridge Wells Dance Festival

The Festival is affiliated to The British and International Federation of Festivals 
(Patron: Her Majesty the Queen)

We look forward to welcoming you, dancers, teachers and families at our festival in February 2022. 


Dear RTWDF Friends, Competitors and Teachers,


We are delighted that our festival will go ahead as planned at

The Assembly Hall Theatre in the New Year on the following dates-


Saturday 12th February - Sunday 20th February 2022


The festival will be an All England qualifying heat and our adjudicator will be Mr Geoff Lucas.


Spectator Ticket Prices for 2022




Doors will open at 8.30am each morning.

A note on how our Festival will run in 2022

As we launch happily back into Festival world, the Committee has discussed at some length what arrangements we could put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our dancers and visitors throughout the week of the Festival in light of COVID risks.  The following approach has been agreed for this year and will be posted on our website and social media outlets – please may you read the following carefully and inform your parents/pupils so that they fully understand the new arrangements:


  • Competitors and chaperones are requested to undertake a Lateral Flow Test each day before attending the theatre.  Anyone who has a positive test or displays Coronavirus symptoms may not attend.

  • All visitors to the theatre, aged 11 years or over, will be required to wear a mask inside the building in all public areas excluding the backstage area.

  • Visitors and competitors will be requested to line up in a socially distanced manner to access the theatre.

  • Large props may be delivered to the stage door – contact Jane on 07803001067 to arrange access.

  • Competitors and chaperones will be required to sign in/out to the back-stage area in the usual way.

  • All competitors should arrive at the theatre ready with make-up and hair done to reduce the amount of time they need to spend in the dressing rooms.

  • Competitors and chaperones should access the backstage area not more than 30 minutes before their section.

  • Competitors for each class will be asked to take their places in designated seats in the auditorium before the start of their class.  They will go up to the backstage area (prompt side) as their time to dance approaches with no more than 5 competitors at side of stage at any one time. This only applies to sections with over 10 entries.

  • After they have danced, competitors will leave the stage on the left-hand side and enter the auditorium to sit on a designated seat until such time as the adjudication when they will file onto the stage and line up in order

  • Access to the auditorium will be via the fire doors on the left and right of the stage and RTWDF volunteers will manage the process.

  • Competitors will be required to wear a wrap over their costume and to wear shoes (no bare feet allowed) when they are in the auditorium.

  • Teachers will be allowed access to the side of stage in the usual way to support their dancers/set props etc.

  • The music collection point will be at the bottom of the stair case backstage, as usual

  • On the final weekend, schools will be allocated a dressing room for each Group Section to reduce congestion and mixing. This may mean you have to leave and clear the dressing room immediately after your group section to enable another school to move into it.  We understand that this may be an inconvenience but would ask you to work with us with this so we can all enjoy a safe environment for the competitors.

  • Groups will remain in their dressing rooms until called to the stage area. If not dancing again, dancers will be asked to go into the auditorium until the end of the section.  In the larger sections 2 representatives will normally go on stage for the adjudication – smaller sections at the discretion of the Committee

  • The photographer will be situated in the downstairs bar area and the Dancing Boutique will have their usual stand in the bar area

  • We are unable to accept requests for competitors to dance at any other time other than their advertised slot in the programme with the exception of an administrative error or in the case of a quick change due to programming.


Back stage access


  • As in previous years we will have signing in sheets in the corridor leading to the backstage area to comply with health and safety guidelines. 

  • All dancers in school years up to and including year 11 require a chaperone backstage. 

  • Dancers will be listed alphabetically on the sign in sheets by their first name in their age category. 

  • When you first arrive please can chaperones write their name under the child’s name so we know who is backstage. 

  • Please tick in and out each time you enter and leave the backstage area.

  • There will be a separate sheet for teachers and any siblings that need to accompany a chaperone.

  • There should be no one else backstage apart from RTWDF Committee Members and volunteers on the rota.


We are delighted that once again The Dancing Boutique will have their Pop-up shop in the Bar area for purchasing any last-minute items or just a little shopping.


DE Photo will be taking live action shots and you will find their stand in the lower foyer.


The Assembly Hall Cafe will be offering early morning sausage and bacon baps and a selection of jacket ​potato's at lunchtime as well as the normal tea/coffee and cake selection throughout the day. This will be a cashless payment please.  There will also be a food van at Lunchtimes outside the theatre with a variety of hot snacks that you are able to bring into the theatre bar to eat if required.

Best wishes

The RTWDF Committee